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1 on 21 Sep 14 via

things are crazy, i am tired, someone come live life for me so i can sleep. 

I’ve come too far to let myself slip back into my old ways.” // r.i.d


'Tis the season for new flannel and Patagonia.


this is the happiest I’ve been in a long time

Madison: can we have a sad movie marathon?
Me: can we buy ice cream and popcorn first?

— O, our lives’ sweetness!
That we the pain of death would hourly die
Rather than die at once!

hey hi hello my life is insane but kind of maybe calming down?

tell me about your lives i miss you all

7 on 20 Sep 14 via

Still the reigning queen of questionable drunk decisions at java. Bow before me.

I’ve got my life back. HAPPY WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER.


This was a fun morning.

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